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Christie Front Drive, “Fin”, Stereo, Caulfield Records, 1998

The release of CFD’s last record—a year after the band had broken up—has a particular resonance for us here at tirado/thrown. First listening to the record in the touring van of some fellows we befriended in college was something of a melancholy occasion, because we were all under the impression that the band wasn’t going to get together anytime soon. It was like hearing faint messages of possibilities that merely flickered past but hardly realized themselves. So hearing a song called “Fin” was enough to sense that the song, the album even, was a premature yet somewhat ominous goodbye.

Fast-forward almost fourteen years.

To hear that CFD will be playing the Noise Pop Fest in San Francisco next February comes as fantastic news, if only because it partially satisfies a desire to see a band that stopped performing too soon.

There’s a minor symmetry at work between a band who announced their end with a song whose title designates an end, only to return years later on the one hand, and on the other, an old year announcing its end and the entry of a new—if somewhat uncertain—cycle around the sun. “Fin” is enough to offer some consolation as 2011 comes to an end.

Happy 2012 everyone.

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