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…Ideas are always unequal glimmers of love and wrath which have nothing in common with any natural light…The God of love and the God of anger are required in order to have an Idea.
Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition, 190.
He who wishes to avenge injuries by hating in return does indeed live miserably. But he who, on the contrary, strives to drive out hatred by love, fights joyfully and confidently, with equal ease resisting one many or a number of men, and needing scarcely any assistance from fortune. Those whom he conquers yield gladly, not from defect of strength, but from an increase of it. These truths, however, all follow so plainly from the definitions of love and the intellect, that there is no need to demonstrate them singly.

Benedictus de Spinoza, Ethics

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So, I could have sworn I heard Richard Butler sing “I follow where my line goes…”, which would be much more fascinating and far less rationalistic than, “I follow where my mind goes…”.  Creative misinterpretation aside, it’s a brilliant, and much needed track at this particular point.

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…let us not be alarmed by any argument that tries to frighten us into supposing that we should prefer the sane man as friend to the one who is disturbed; let it carry off the prize of victory only if it has shown this too - that love is not sent from the gods to help lover and beloved. We in our turn must prove the reverse, that such madness is given by the gods to allow us to achieve the greatest good fortune; and the proof will be disbelieved by the clever, believed by the wise.
Socrates in Plato, Phaedrus, 245b-c
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